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Academic Coaching

Has your school moved to virtual instruction, and you are considering homeschooling? Have you been considering homeschooling, but you are unsure where to start? Does your student have an extracurricular activity (music, dance, sports, entrepreneurial endeavor) that they could work on more if they were homeschooling? Did you take your student out of their school because of learning difficulties or need for acceleration? Could you use some help? Do you feel like you would be more sure of your decision if you had some resources at your fingertips?

Our Academic Coaching for homeschooling includes:

● Learning style assessment
● Teaching style assessment
● Goals for student

We have coaches that specialize in curricula for transitioning back to public school, elementary learners, learning difficulties, univeristy bound students, and students needing accredited high school transcripts.

We have a Back to School sale going on right now that includes your initial set up, first month’s coaching, and evaluations. Please email academiccoaching@compassprep.org to learn more about how we can help you transition to homeschooling.