Compass Prep Academics
Flex Five Program

At Compass Prep, we are committed to providing a boutique education for our students, tailoring an academic track specifically to fit their unique goals. Our innovative FLEX5 scheduling provides more choices for students who value the time and flexibility to pursue their interests in dual enrollment, sports, dance, travel, entrepreneurship, work, etc. Students may choose between an on-campus 3, 4, or 5-day school week, (upper-level high school students may also choose a 1 or 2-day schedule, depending on their needs).

Our on-campus 3 day CORE ACADEMIC program for K-12 is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We offer the opportunity for students to attend Compass Prep up to FIVE DAYS A WEEK by choosing one or both of our optional FLEX days called Mindset Mondays and Friday Focus.

Whether your student is looking for extra help due to learning difficulties (in our Navigations program) or accelerated classes in order to get honors credits, Compass Prep may be the right place for them. 

learning stages


Learning through play: We believe in the natural curiosity of children and seek to encourage it by not over-structuring their lives with strenuous academics and activities which prevent them from the free play time of past eras. Play is a child’s first and best educational experience.


Learning through deep exploration, reinforcement and mastery. development of understanding project-based learning and strengthening active processing and thinking skills. Classical instruction of the world’s pioneers in music, literature, arts, and sciences, as well as their works.


Learning through active discovery and an organic learning environment. Movement and physical, hands-on activities are essential to help students with focus and attention issues. Steady discovery of the world around us through math, reading, history, literature, art, music and physical sciences.



Learning through the development of personal responsibility and ownership: higher levels of learning and expectations will require a higher level of ownership, independence, and diligence in getting work accomplished in a timely way. Organizational skills will be emphasized and reinforced with a focus on time management. More formal logic and argumentation concepts covered.


Learning through application and experimentation: much of what has been practiced will be continued, but now with a sense of purpose and direction. Continued studies in college prep courses and vocational instruction will help pave the way to a smooth launch. Travel and service will be integral as the students have matured intellectually and emotionally, making these endeavors more meaningful and effective, as well as forming their characters and frame of reference.


Learning to plot a course for their future based on recognized gifting and self-discovery. Continue seeking mastery in concepts that have been previously learned. A focus on logic and reasoning skills as well as organizational, life and study skills. Encouragement to reflect on decisions to continually and actively define their future course.


Experiential learning continues through collaborative projects, community building within and community service outside of school. Experience local technical colleges and universities. Learning about job applications and interview skills, exposure to career opportunities, college campuses, mentors, alternatives to conventional college, travel programs, missions, etc. 

Tests & Assessments

Standardized Tests

Georgia students in home study programs shall be subject to an appropriate nationally standardized testing program. The student must be evaluated at least every three years beginning at the end of the third grade. Records of such tests shall be retained by parents, and a copy kept in each high school student’s file (grade 9 and up) in the Compass Office.

The Stanford 10 will be offered and administered by Compass Prep at the end of each school year by a certified tester. The Stanford 10 is a nationally recognized standardized test that can help parents and teachers discover their students academic strengths and weaknesses.

Accreditation Status

Compass Prep Academy is fully accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC). Because of this accreditation, Compass Prep is categorized as a Georgia HOPE eligible private high school.

What is academic accreditation? It is a quality assurance process where an academic institution is evaluated and verified to ensure recognized standards are met.

High school students transferring into our program must complete a full academic year at Compass Prep Academy before receiving credit for prior independent studies.